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Servo feeding system for tinplate sheets-can making machine

Servo feeding system for metal sheet printing/coating
This system has the advantages of compact structure, reasonable arrangement of parts, convenient operation, stable running, high production efficiency and excellent performance.
This machine is automatic feeding, equipped with metal sheet ejection device.
The machine is composed of front conveying roller table, roller table lifting platform, lifting device, lifting controller, lifting transmission device, vacuum electronic distribution valve device, feeding roller device, main transmission device, etc.
Maximum size: 1143*965mm;
Minimum size: 712*508mm;
Thickness: 0.16~0.5mm.
Maximum payload capacity of lifting platform: 3 tons.
Feeding speed: maximum 5000 sheets/hour.
Air pump performance
Motor power: 3 phase 380V 7.5Kw
Vacuum: 20kpa-60Kpa
Pressure: 60Kpa
Machine dimension: 2000*1930*1700mm
Net weight: 2000Kg
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