300CPM 300# 2-pc can making line

The 2-piece can production line is applicable for production of various sizes of round/oval/irregular DRD cans. It can be installed with up to 3 sets of toolings, and the maximum production capacity can be up to 300CPM.

Easy open lid / EOE production line

The gantry presses can be installed with up to 7 dies. According to the electrical configuration of the mechanical arm feeding, it can be equipped either with or without idle strokes. Production capacity can reach 800-1200EPM.

Fully automatic 18L square can body production line

Production process:Duplex slitter → Automatic body blank feeding system → Body welder → Upender → Welding seam locating → Expanding → Paneling → Top & bottom flanging → Bottom seaming → Turnover → Top seaming → Leak tester → Strapper & Palletizer

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