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Pail body making line

Automatic pail body production line
Full-auto production line for 10-25L conical pails
Speed: 40-45 pails per minute;
Applicable pail diameter: 220-300mm;
Applicable pail height: 240-450mm;
Voltage: 3-phase 380V 50Hz;
Air pressure: 0.6MPa;
Motion control system: Mitsubishi;
Pneumatic system: SMC;
Bearing: SKF;
Sensors: Sick, Banner

“Pail body making line” refers to a production line that is used to manufacture pail bodies, which are containers with a cylindrical shape and a flat base.

The pail body making line typically consists of several machines and processes that work together to form the pail body from raw materials such as metal sheets. The process may include sheet cutting, forming, welding, and surface treatment.

The machines used in the pail body making line may include a sheet cutting machine, a body forming machine, a bottom sealing machine, and a surface treatment machine. The line can be designed to be highly automated, with robots and conveyor systems used to move materials and components between machines.

Pail body making lines are used in the production of various types of pails, including paint pails, lubricant pails, and chemical pails. They are efficient and cost-effective, and they can produce a large quantity of pails with consistent quality.

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