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Misprinted tinplate washing machine-1

Misprinted tinplate sheet cleaning machine
Misprinted sheets before being cured can be cleaned with this machine.
There are 4 operation procedures for the cleaning procedures: 
– The 1st stage uses a few liters of kerosene and water (or dissolvant) to clean the ink on tinplates. 
– The 2nd stage uses a few liters of detergent and water to remove residual ink. 
– The 3rd stage uses clean water to flush the sheets.
– The 4th stage uses hot wind recycling curing system to dry up the sheets. 
Liquids of all the first 3 stages are of recycling usage (filter screens are used in each box so impurities can be separated). So the general use cost of this machine is very low. Meanwhile, the machine is small in size and doesn’t take much space.
This machine can help to lower down waste rate, ensure printing quality & efficiency, decrease workforce and improve working environment. In the long run this machine can definitely save a lot of cost. Many printing factories have been using this machine to reduce waste and replace labor work.
Machine size: 3500*1590*970mm
Maximum width of tinplate cleaned: 1130mm
Length of tinplate cleaned: unlimited
General power: 4.3Kw
Operation speed: 6-13 sheets/min (subject to machine model and sheet size range)
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