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Automatic Tinplate Sheet Electrostatic Waxing Machine For Tin Can Making

Automatic Tinplate Sheet Electrostatic Waxing Machine For Tin Can Making
For waxing operation of tinplate sheets
Production speed: 30~70 sheets/minute (subject to wax layer thickness)
Max. sheet width: 1100mm
Sheet thickness: 0.13~0.5mm
Wax weight: 40~200mg/m²
Sheet height from the ground: ≈1200mm (or customized as
per customer’s request)
Voltage: 3-phase 5-wire 380V 50Hz
Max power: about 30KVA
Compressed air: 6 Bar, >3m³/min
Conveyor with frequency speed adjustment
for Sheet
for Coil

1. Excellent coating uniformity.
2. Wide range ofcoating thicknesses.
3. Production speed:
Sheet: 80sheets/min.
Coil: max.200m/min.
4. Very little environmental pollution.
5. Avoiding wax contamination on materials.
6. Can use wax and oil for lubrication.
7. Universal use for iron and aluminum.

The Automatic Tinplate Sheet Electrostatic Waxing Machine is a specialized equipment used for processing tinplate sheets. It incorporates advanced automation technology and electrostatic spraying techniques to apply wax coatings quickly and efficiently onto the surface of tinplate sheets.
The main function of this machine is to create a uniform wax film on the surface of the tinplate sheets, providing protection and enhancing their surface smoothness. The wax film helps prevent the tinplate sheets from coming into contact with the external environment, reducing the risk of oxidation and corrosion, and extending their lifespan. Additionally, the wax film improves the gloss and appearance of the tinplate sheets, increasing their market competitiveness.
Here are the features and advantages of the Automatic Tinplate Sheet Electrostatic Waxing Machine:
Automated operation: The machine incorporates an automated control system that can independently carry out processes such as wax spraying, drying, and curing, reducing the need for manual intervention and improving production efficiency.
Electrostatic spraying technology: The machine utilizes electrostatic spraying technology to ensure an even distribution of the wax coating on the tinplate sheet surface, guaranteeing consistency and quality of the wax film.
High efficiency and energy-saving: The machine maximizes the utilization of wax during the spraying process, minimizing waste and cost. Additionally, the drying and curing processes are performed efficiently, further enhancing production efficiency.
Flexibility and adjustability: The machine can be adjusted according to the specific requirements of different tinplate sheets, including parameters such as wax spraying thickness, speed, and spraying mode, to meet customer-specific needs.
Quality control: The machine is equipped with a quality inspection and control system that monitors the uniformity and quality of the wax film, ensuring consistency across each tinplate sheet.
In summary, the Automatic Tinplate Sheet Electrostatic Waxing Machine is an efficient and reliable equipment that improves the quality and production efficiency of tinplate sheets.
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