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Alcohol dampening system for printing machine

Alcohol dampening system for printing machine
Alcohol dampening system consists of alcohol, additive and water. Alcohol dampening system can mix the three substances in proportion to meet printing requirement. The system can keep constant alcohol density and temperature to make sure its performance and reduce the printing plate temperature.
Alcohol dampening system is transmitted continuously and smoothly by three water rolls to PS plate, simultaneously the W3 roll is driven by variable speed motor, W3 and W2 rolls are transmitted in proper ratio, and the transmission of W1 and printing roll are driven by gear. When adjusting the liquid flow, the volume can be adjusted by changing the speed of W3 roll’s motor. The construction of our alcohol dampening system is simple and easy for operation.
Due to low volume usage of alcohol dampening system, low working temperature, and constant density, it can greatly improve printing effect.
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