Sheet Feed Press For Can Making Line

The gantry press achieves full auto medium-high speed production of various components. From servo sheet feeding to basic end stamping it runs automatically and stably. With our high precision toolings it highly saves materials and increases efficiency. The line can be equipment with 1-7 sets of toolings.

– Fully automated
– Capacity up to 1200CPM
– Double sheet detection, overload and double punch detection
– Applicable for various plates
– Applicable for various can sizes
– Reliable control system with integrated HMI and PLC


Normal force120T120T60T25T
Max. stroke200240200200
Max. die loaded7731
Max. sheet size1100*11001100*11001100*11001100*1100
Max. thickness0.4mm0.4mm0.4mm0.4mm
Total power25kw25kw20kw16kw

A Sheet Feed Press for Can Making Line is an industrial equipment used for cutting and shaping metal sheets into components required for can manufacturing. The equipment is used in the sheet metal fabrication process, where metal sheets are cut, punched, and formed into various shapes and sizes to produce cans.

The Sheet Feed Press for Can Making Line works by feeding metal sheets into the machine, where they are cut and formed into the required components. The machine uses a combination of hydraulic pressure and cutting tools to shape the metal sheets into the desired form.

The Sheet Feed Press for Can Making Line is an important piece of equipment in the can manufacturing industry, particularly in industries that require the production of cans in large quantities. The machine can be used to produce various components required for can manufacturing, including can bodies, ends, and easy-open ends.

Overall, the Sheet Feed Press for Can Making Line plays a critical role in ensuring the efficiency and effectiveness of the can manufacturing process. It helps to improve the accuracy and consistency of the components produced, ensuring that the cans are of high quality and can effectively preserve and protect their contents.

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