Reliable Pendulum Roller Head for Soud AFB Body Welder, 64M-446330/700

Pendulum roller head for Soud AFB body welder

Part number: 64M-446330/700

Pendulum roller head for Soud AFB body welder

Part number: 64M-446330/700

As a company that provides high-quality products, our pendulum roller head can offer the following advantages:

High precision: The pendulum roller head is precision-engineered and optimized to provide high-precision welding operations, ensuring accurate alignment and stability of the workpiece, resulting in high-quality welding results.

Reliability: The pendulum roller head is made of high-quality materials and manufacturing processes, which provide excellent durability and reliability, allowing it to operate for long periods without requiring maintenance or replacement.

Flexibility: The pendulum roller head can be adjusted according to specific welding requirements to accommodate different shapes and sizes of workpieces. Additionally, your company can provide various types of rollers to meet different welding needs, based on customer requirements

Efficiency: The pendulum roller head uses advanced technology and design to improve the efficiency and quality of welding machines, thereby increasing production efficiency and product quality, while reducing production costs.


In summary, our company’s pendulum roller head offers advantages such as high precision, reliability, flexibility, and efficiency, which can meet different welding needs and help customers improve production efficiency and product quality.

A pendulum roller head is an important component of welding machines used to help achieve high-quality welding. It is typically used in automatic welding machines, including steel pipe welding machines, steel plate welding machines, and various other welding equipment.

The function of the pendulum roller head is to support the welding workpiece during the welding process and provide the necessary pressure to ensure accurate alignment and stability of the workpiece. It consists of a pendulum roller and a bracket that can be adjusted according to the shape and size of the workpiece.

To meet different welding requirements, the pendulum roller head can also be equipped with different types of rollers, such as V-shaped rollers, U-shaped rollers, and flat rollers. These rollers are designed to provide better welding contact area and more uniform welding pressure, ensuring the stability and consistency of welding quality.

In summary, the pendulum roller head is one of the essential components of welding machines that can greatly improve the efficiency and quality of the welding process. By selecting the appropriate pendulum roller head and rollers, different welding requirements can be met, and high-quality and stable welding of workpieces can be ensured.


Our company also can supply the pendulum head, calibration tools, welding arm , various z bar , electronic parts for Soudronic powder coating system etc.

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