Offline 8-Head Water Tester For Aerosol Cans

Product Name: Water Tester
Color: Customized
Automatic: Yes
Certification: CE
Condition: New
Warranty: 1 Year
After-sales Service Provided: Engineers Available To Service Machinery Overseas,Online Support,Video Technical Support
Type: Aerosol Can Making Machine

Offline 8-Head Water Tester For Aerosol Cans​

Brand: Delicacy
Model: DP-OALT8
Offline 8-head water tester for aerosol cans
Including lightning and cover
Testing speed: about 20CPM
Air pressure: 0.1Mpa
Dimension: 1000*650*800mm
Weight: about 140Kg


High accuracy testing: Our aerosol can leak tester has a higher testing accuracy, allowing it to detect smaller leaks or other defects, ensuring that product quality meets industry standards and regulations.

Customized design: Our aerosol can leak tester can be customized according to customer needs, meeting the requirements of different industries and applications.

Reliability: Our aerosol can leak tester has a higher level of reliability and stability, maintaining consistent testing accuracy and performance over long periods of use.

Easy to operate: Our aerosol can leak tester is designed to be simple to operate and maintain, reducing training and maintenance costs and improving work efficiency.

Environmentally friendly and energy-saving: Our aerosol can leak tester is designed to be environmentally friendly and energy-saving, reducing energy and resource consumption and complying with sustainable development requirements.


Our aerosol can leak tester is a device used to test for leakage in aerosol cans. It typically consists of multiple testing heads used to test different parts of the aerosol can for leakage. The testing equipment typically uses water or other liquids to conduct the test to detect any leaks or other defects in the aerosol can.

Aerosol can leak testers can be used for online testing of aerosol cans on the production line, or for offline testing in a laboratory. It typically includes a control panel where users can set testing parameters and run testing programs. The test results can be displayed on the control panel and can also be analyzed and recorded using a computer or other data processing device.

The primary purpose of an aerosol can leak tester is to ensure the quality of aerosol cans meets specified standards and to improve production efficiency and product quality. It is widely used in industries such as pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food, automotive, and other industries that produce aerosol cans.

Different models of aerosol can leak testers may vary in terms of testing accuracy, testing speed, testing range, and the types of aerosol cans they are suitable for. When purchasing an aerosol can leak tester, it is important to choose the appropriate model based on your needs and ensure the equipment complies with relevant standards and regulations.

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