Ear Lug Welder For Lid Handle Spot Welder Machine

Maximum speed: 28EPM
Welding voltage: 380V
Welding pressure: 2-3Kg
Air source: 6-8Kg

For ear lug and handle spot welding of round / rectangular / square ends. It can be either connected inline or used offline.
The machines uses Mitsubishi PLC for feeding control.

A Lid Handle Spot Welder is an industrial equipment used for welding handles onto metal lids. The machine is designed to automate the welding process, improving efficiency and reducing the need for manual labor.

The Lid Handle Spot Welder works by positioning the metal lid in the machine’s clamping device, and then precisely positioning the handle at the desired location. The machine then uses an electric current to create a series of spot welds between the handle and the lid, forming a strong and durable connection.

The Lid Handle Spot Welder is an important piece of equipment in the metal lid manufacturing industry, as it can quickly and efficiently weld handles onto lids, increasing production speed and improving product quality. The machine can also be programmed to perform various welding patterns and configurations, allowing for greater flexibility in the manufacturing process.

Overall, the Lid Handle Spot Welder is a valuable addition to any metal lid production line, helping to increase efficiency, reduce labor costs, and ensure consistent and high-quality welding.

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