Automatic conical pail body stacker

Max speed:40-45CPM
Air pressure: 0.6MPa
Power: 8KW
Weight: 3500Kg
Machine size:7000×1000×3000mm

Automatic conical pail body stacker
For automatic stacking of conical pail bodies


Max speed:40-45CPM
Air pressure: 0.6MPa
Power: 8KW
Weight: 3500Kg
Machine size:7000×1000×3000mm


The whole production line adopts automatic computer programming control system, fully realizing the automatic forming operations. Only 3-4 workers are needed to operate the entire line. The line is with high production speed, enhanced efficiency and low waste rate.


1. Established 20 years ago, Delicacy technology is a well-known brand in the Chinese industry.
2. Delicacy technology has a strong technical team and professional after-sales service to provide customers with turnkey project and one-stop service.
3. Once choosing Delicacy technology products, Delicacy technology will provide you with the most professional technical advice and guidance from material selection, printing and typesetting, installation, commissioning to smooth production

Our customers are major in food, beverage, aerosol, painting etc. metal packing industrial. Our machines are now widely used in over 20 countries.

As a rich experienced manufacturer & exporter in this field, we listen to customers’ needs, suggest the most suitable solution and accompany them throughout the entire decision-making process.

We manufacturer and export the following series of products:

► Easy Open End Production Lines

► 2-Piece DRD Can Production Lines

► Metal Caps & Closures Production Lines

► Metal Ends Production Lines

► Aerosol Cone & Dome Production Lines

► Fancy Tins Making Machines

► Metal Cans & Pails Making Machines

► 3-Piece Tin Can Making Machines

We are ready to develop long-term and good relationship with overseas customers.

We will keep on providing modern and advanced machines to bring greater value-added benefit for our customers.

Warm welcome friends from all over the world to visit and instruct us!

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